Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thoughts on the Human Condition

After Reading John Dobson's "Advaita Vedanta and Modern Science" I thought our situation is something like that of a turtle seeking a bite of the seemingly tasty bright apple he sees every night. He sees it everywhere below him in the water. However, whenever he approaches, it moves away and if he reaches it, the water shimmers with waves he creates with his vain attempts at tasting and the apple vanishes. The turtle desires the very bright white apple and he is certain someone eats it a little bit every night as it seems to have been bitten or gnawed on. He is certain that one bite will cure his incessant craving for the big apple and relieve the only source of displeasure in his life. If only he could turn over and look up at the moon but he is biologically prohibited from such maneuvering except right before he is eaten by the panther.
Progress is as much away from our point of origin as towards our destination. Knowledge and discrimination set the direction of our movement and either renunciation or desire pull the road by beneath us. I want it to be easy but it is not. I want it to be inevitable, perhaps it is, but not in an intelligible time frame.

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