Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Is there a verb for what I do when I look up one thing on Wikipedia and end up following an internal link to another wiki-page and another and another...... and are there any academics studying the six degrees of wikipedia separation? I went from ELO to Fretonia today in 9 pages and learned a lot along the way. Actually, I believe there were more like 15 separate pages involved, but one thread of them was a brief exploration of Dhani Harrisson's existence, about which, I ascertained very little in all honesty. I would be very interested in hearing more about this if anyone is studying it. I have long been interested in phenomenon like this and I am certain I'm not alone. Is it possible to write a Wikipedia page about "Wikkying" and subsequently enjoy the amazement of people who come across it while "Wikkying" and are elevated to a transcendent state of consciousness as a result? That is sort of like taking pictures of prominent architectural elements in your apartment, framing them, and then hanging them near that particular element, preferably in a variety of distinct frames. I have only seen this done well once but the effect was astonishing. Anyway, keep a peeled eye and an open mind and let me know if you need assistance. Hollis.

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