Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Being and Nothingness

There are still some mysterious phenomena that defy my understanding. That should not shock anyone. If anyone out there thinks that perhaps they can explain everything, I recommend brushing up on String Theory. After spending an inordinate and maybe excessive amount of time thinking about what I believe and why, I am actually further from a comprehensive ideology than I was before. That, also, should surprise no one. How is it possible that anyone thinks they have it figured out to the extent that they can tell anyone else definitively, the whole story? If you harbor uncertainty about the nature of the Universe, and if that uncertainty is peculiarly comforting to you, please speak up.


ulysses jess said...

I'm gonna stay away from String Theory kind sir...what else have been reading??? Some J.P Sartre maybe??? the principal text of modern existentialism...... I believe i do take some comfort in my uncertainty. Otherwise I would be done. finished. But then again I may be full of shit.

Adam said...

You have far too much time on your hands. It's like time is this conceptual linear line, but when you're writing on this page, you are stuck in a bubble. That theory was stolen from a wise man by the name of Chris Jones

emily said...

Hey, I'm not commenting on string theory, other than to say The Elegant Universe rocks.
I just want to say thanks to Hollis for sharing unpublished, but personally important, works at critical times.
You are super-cool.