Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weep, for the water is needed.

We have been reminded recently that there are too few miles between the borders of India and Pakistan. Hell, they practically overlap (see Kashmir at Wikipedia). I am of the opinion that the political and socioeconomic pressure cooker the British left to the world when they began dismantling their empire is whistling very, very loudly. Maybe we should check to see about lifting the lid. How, you ask. Well now, there's a good question.
Pakistan and Afghanistan are in the tumultuous process of carving out an identity that is less defined by American influence. American aid in the form of dollars and ordinance (some may argue that calling explosive metal devices aid is stretching the term but....) has long been the heart of a foreign policy program of insistent and deliberate destabilization. Has it been an attempt to stave of competition in tech and science sectors with burgeoning Indian and Chinese economies? Yes, but only in the sense that American Foreign Policy is never proactive but instead, REACTIONARY. I suppose this is why I am hoping against hope that Hillary has it in her to be the kind of Cabinet member wily Willy Seward was. Diplomacy and statesmanship are usually political virtues of those who have given up the hope of re-election (or in this case election period). You can quote me on that.


Emily Heaton said...

So what is the equivalent of Seward's Ice Chest for Hillary?

Hollis said...

tough to say but i suspect it will come in the form of real assistance and open communication, as well as statesmanship, rather than any bullying. It may simply be a womans touch.