Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well if he were perfect he wouldn't be human.

You know guys, Monsanto gets a bad rap. I won't go into why I believe they are often misrepresented, or why the perverse American love for grassy lawns is far worse than our research of genetically modified crops, but it will suffice for me to say I will never buy a Monsanto T-shirt, but if one were given to me I would wear it under a sweater and not feel bad about it.
How are we to respond to the new picks for Interior and Agriculture? We applaud in the spirit of the old axiom, "keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer". If we are expecting him to repeal the legislation forced through under bush (this is the only way to spell the contempt I feel) we need to support his political appointments that fall under the heading "olive branches". I say the man has done more to impress me with these two appointments than any other two taken together. Now if you believe all that, and it was spoken with some modicum of sincerity but then I reread it, I've got a few beach front properties in Bangladesh to sell you. And if you're not sad enough yet how about this?

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