Friday, January 30, 2009

"For years our efforts to address the climate crisis have been undermined by the idea that we must chose between our planet and our way of life, between our moral duty and economic well-being these are false choices," Gore told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
While he is heavily invested in the green tech sector, Gore has a point here that we would be wrong to dismiss due to his thoroughly compromised impartiality. The Republican led surge to obfuscate the scientific perspective on the impending peril was equally devoid of impartiality as a result of the coal and oil lobbies. Lest we forget, bush dismissed the science or actively subverted the findings of the scientists for 8 years. Are we to conclude from these two divergent and equally corrupted political viewpoints that we as "the people" will have to make the necessary changes ourselves? I certainly hope so.

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