Thursday, January 8, 2009

Soup, its whats for dinner.

Heipa folks, I thought in the spirit of resolutions so pervasive this time of year I would try something different in terms of blogging. I made some soup yesterday. It was something approaching the epitome of comfort food. What follows is something of a recipe and something of a story, I hope you enjoy the story. I know you'll enjoy the soup.
So we start with a pan for frying 1lbs of Italian sausage. I grow my own herbs and spices and have access to home grown/raised sausage as well. For those less motivated, or those with less spare time on their hands, and that is most of you, Jimmie Deans Italian sausage would work just as well. Fry that up and try for large clumps and not crumbles. Don't drain the fat, I even added a tblspn of olive oil to facilitate browning. Once that's done, pour some chicken stock into a soup pan on low heat and add the sausage. To the pan with the seasoning and fat from the sausage you just fried add some onions and garlic. I used a whole onion and a whole clove of garlic from the garden, coarsely chopped, but you could buy them at the farmers market or grocery store and slice them or dice them if you'd rather. Just remember to bring your own bag while shopping. Now, once the onion is transparent, circa 3 minutes, put that in the soup pot and bring the heat to med hi. Add to the pot some red and black pepper to taste and 1qt of heavy whipping cream. Add some (6) red potatoes skin on and some (2) russett pottoes skin off. Add some Kale, I used an entire bunch but you can add as much as you want. It will take 25 minutes for the kale and potatoes to cook on a gentle simmer or low boil so adjust heat of your stove accordingly. To serve; pour into bowls and slice an artisan bread, Rosemarry Focaccia, or Pane Toscana, or whatever you like. The bread should be sliced thinly more for soaking up soup than filling up stomach. This meal is really easy and it will shock you how easy it is to make something so tasty in your own kitchen. When you eat this soup remember me with fondness, warmth, and regards. From my kitchen to yours, PEACE.

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