Monday, January 19, 2009

Foxy Foxes

Last night in the quite benign, newly fallen snow, I found some welcome tranquility. I walked a mile or two down the road and then came back through the woods to the house. When I had gotten near to the fence and was about to crawl under I heard a fox. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the sound should try and find a recording online. It is distinct and somewhat disturbing but it is very nice to hear them as you almost never see them while walking and it is not at all the same to see them from the car. So I heard a fox off to my right and several hundred yards away and then to my astonishment another one ran towards the call from his spot about 10 yards away from me. It seemed to me that I was beneath his notice. That was a great feeling.
I wonder if we could stop global climate change by playing "Soave si il vento" from Cossi Fan Tutte really loud near the poles for a long time. I doubt it, but if you want to pay me I'd be willing to take on the comission.

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